Code of Conduct

Last Updated August 10th, 2022

All participants must abide by this code of conduct to participate in all Lady Arcaders events. These rules also apply to all official Lady Arcaders public communication channels. This policy will be updated as necessary.

Our events are to be enjoyed by everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Please be respectful. You must agree to not engage in:

  • Speech that demeans or insults groups of people based on gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, age, physical appearance, body size, religion, or nationality.
  • Abuse, threatening behaviour, or harassment.
  • Creating false identities to maliciously mislead others.
  • Intentionally disrupting or sidetracking events.
  • The discussion of sensitive or triggering topics. This is not the place to discuss personal matters unrelated to the event.
  • Presenting content that violates the Twitch Terms of Service.
  • Bad faith arguments or debates regarding any of the topics mentioned above.
  • Causing others to join in and act in the ways listed above.

Lady Arcaders has a zero tolerance policy with regards to harassment and inappropriate behaviour. The event organizers will not hesitate to take action to preserve a welcoming environment for everyone.

Please respect the moderators and Lady Arcaders staff. If a moderator tells you to stop doing something, stop immediately. Do not sass the moderators.

If you are being made uncomfortable or made to feel unwelcome by someone, please do not hesitate to reach out to a moderator or staff member of Lady Arcaders via private message. We may involve other event staff to make sure that we properly handle your report, and inform the rest of the staff as to the events that have transpired.

By appearing on the Lady Arcaders stream, you are representing not only yourself, but also Lady Arcaders as a whole and any charities that we are fundraising for. Please keep in mind what might be considered acceptable behaviour while appearing on stream. Any topics mentioned with regards to our harassment policy must be obeyed. Please do not bring up topics that are generally regarded as controversial. Broadcasters must also be respectful and not engage in harassing behaviour off stream, on any public social media.

With regards to swearing on broadcasts, an effort should be made to avoid cursing profusely. This is not a super strict rule, use your best judgement.

If you have any questions about the code of conduct, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.